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This show encourages children to use their imagination and take part in building a world where there are no wrong answers.

Additionally, children learn about animal behaviour through the real ponies. 


Piccolo Ponies focus on developing imaginative play through interactive theatre, singing and dancing. 


This show is aligned with the current NSW curriculum, specifically the Health, Wellbeing and Relationships syllabus outcomes for early stage one and stage one.

Including :

- encouraging children to identify who they are and how people grow and change.

- communicating ways to be caring, inclusive and respectful of others

- demonstrating self-management skills

- taking responsibility for their own actions. 

This show is priced at $25 a head.

Ages 2-7


'Charlotte's Story' is a 45 min one-woman and one-pony show. Re-telling the story of Australia's first children's author in a fun, imaginative and inspiring manner.

This show is aligned with the current NSW curriculum. Specifically the History syllabus outcomes for Stage 2 and 3.


- the British Colonisation of Australia

- different points of view within a historical context

- how and why people from the past may have lived differently from today

- aspects of change in society over time

- why behaviour and attitudes of the past may differ from today

-and the importance Charlotte had as an individual of her time. 

This show is priced at $25 a head. 

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Why should your students learn about Charlotte?

Charlotte Atkinson (1796-1867) was

“one of the most accomplished women of her era.” (Sydney Morning Herald). She emigrated to Australia in 1826 . Charlotte was a pioneer in the fight for women’s legal rights, defending a landmark case in the Supreme Court of NSW to retain custody of her own children.

In 1841, Charlotte wrote A Mother’s Offering to Her Children by a Lady Long Resident in NSW.

It was the first children’s book published in Australia. 

 Erin is keenly passionate about childhood development and entertainment. Because of this, we guarantee a friendly, enthusiastic and professional approach to all of our performances.

Erin has had great success in children’s entrainment performing at various schools and local events. She is also qualified with a BA of Performing Arts from Actors Centre Australia.


Erin is Tripple vaccinated against covid-19 and has a current police check, NDIS check, working with children’s check and first aid certificate.

Why have us perform at your school?

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